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Art Lesson Policies


First and foremost, THANK YOU! We realize the trust that you have placed in us to help your artist in their journey to become the best that they can be!


This page will help you to better understand how Imagine U Studio works and what we expect...


Time in the studio...

Your artist's instruction while in our studio is tailored to them. We use teaching methods that we have been implementing and perfecting for years. Your artist will also work alongside other artists who will be at their point in their lessons as well. Your artists time in the studio will consist of instruction, supervised implementation, and constructive feedback.



One hour per week is typical of students starting out. We schedule students on a weekly basis, and ask that you try to stick to that schedule as much as possible. Having 3 kids of our own, we realize that life happens- and kids are busy!  If your artist can't be at their scheduled lesson for the week, please let us know. We are happy to schedule a time for your artist to make up.  We allow 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after to make up the time.


Artists may also make up if we have had to cancel for any reason (illness, weather, etc...).


Should your artist have an extended period of time that they are unavailable for lessons, we may suggest giving up their spot in the schedule, and coming back when time allows. If you would like the weekly time held for you during their absence, however, we require that you continue paying the monthly rate while they are away.



We charge a monthly rate that includes instruction and materials for our general lessons. All artists need to do is show up with a smile and ready to learn.


Payments are due first of each month. You are welcome to bring payment to the first scheduled lesson in that month. If payment is not received in a timely manner, a 5% fee may be added to your total.



1 hour per week - $55/month

2 hours per week - $105/month

SATURDAY- 1 hour every other week - $28/month

More? - Let's talk...


Whether you have 1 child spending 2 hours per week, or 2 children spending 1 hour per week per child, the 2 hours per week rate applies. Another note, whether the month has 4 weeks or 5, the same rate applies.


Cancelling lessons...

We love our artists, and hate to see them go. But we realize that other interests may require more time. We ask that you give us as much notice as you can when deciding to end lessons.



We do not offer refunds for monthly lessons.







Imagine U Studio
Art Lesson Q&A


When do classes start?

The individual instruction that we provide allows artists to start and stop as needed. We occasionally will have workshops that are more of a class environment, though. Please like us on Facebook to be sure to hear about those.


What if I can't make it to class?

Be sure to call, text, or email us to let us know. We worry you know :) Then we will schedule a time to make up your missed class.


How much is it?

We charge a monthly rate that includes instruction and materials for our general lessons. All artists need to do is show up with a smile and ready to learn. Depending on the time your artists(s) are in the studio, it generally ranges from $28 to 55 per month. Rates are subject to change.


Do you accept credit cards?

We can accept credit card payments via a PayPal invoice through email. There is a 3% convenience fee added to your monthly rate. Please let us know if you would like invoices emailed to you.


What if we start in the middle of a month? Do we pay the full rate?

Students stating mid month will receive a pro-rated rate for the first month, unless they elect to add extra "make-up" sessions to their schedule.


Do you refund for lessons if we terminate lessons in the middle of a month?

We do not currently offer refunds for cancelled lessons.


My artist hasn't been there in a few weeks. Do I still have a spot on the schedule?

If you have been keeping us informed about their absence, have indicated an interest in returning, and have discussed with us the financial details of keeping their spot, then yes. If not, please call first to be sure that we still have room for them.